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Lemon Tree Brand: Documentaries with Soul

A branding project for a small documentary brand led by Emily, a very experienced and well known filmmaker.

Branding for freelance photographer

Emily is the head and founder of Lemon Tree productions, a small video production company that creates Moving Documentaries that connect people with unknown worlds and new perspectives.

I decided to take an emotional approach to her branding, focusing on the brand values of authenticity, feeling, emotion, and empathy. Her documentaries typically portray reality in an emotive way, and she uses them to try to mend historical wounds and give people hope.

Empathy, which was motivated by the potency of moving stories, served as the creative concept for the brand identity. The color scheme makes use of green as its primary hue because it symbolizes renewal and peace. This gives the documentaries' realistic portrayals of everyday life a sense of growth. They appear more lively when a little light yellow is added. Clean, rounded lines and a custom "E" that resembles a lemon were used to create the logo. The brand's visuals are composed of white and black images with a delicate green overlay; these ethereal and dreamy images serve as a metaphor for the documentaries produced by Lemon Tree and are more symbolic than literal.


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