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A full branding, website and content project for an online education platform for the next generation of farmers.

Every year, Bele dedicates time and creativity to creating compelling identities and inspiring campaigns to help non-profits. Without aiming to gain profit, the goal is to empower people who're doing good and help the organizations to be more effective in their message through design.

Design can change the world.

We put our branding and communication knowledge at the service of a grater good.

Some Non-Profits we have helped


The Impact

Non-Profits helped
Delivered projects
Estimated savings from the non-profits.
Either by doing pro-bono work or charging special fees, we help them save money and get to use it to help others.

Are you a

Write us today to request a quote

Please, don't forget to state your budget, or if you need the work for free. We take 10 projects per year, slots are open!

We usually work though Catchafire, you can upload your project there and request our help.

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