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A connection bridge between local farmers and higher education.

Scope Work: Branding / Website / Course Material / Social Media Content / Newsletter

Industry: Education

Year: 2022

The founders of APLICAR are a group of university teachers who saw a lack of flexible, modern, and useful courses for the new generation of agro-businesses people. They knew the new generation wanted to be on the farm, but at the same time, they were very used to coexisting with screens, phones, and laptops.

Having this in mind, they approached us to create their brand strategy and design, as well as their promotional material and website.


To create the brand, we focused on two foundational archetypes: the explorer and the hero. We took the main characteristics of these archetypes and aligned them with education, aiming for a youthful brand without being superficial, and highly actionable.


The choice of red and yellow emerged as a response to action and positivity. The deliberate decision to move away from the typical colors associated with the rural industry was made to create an impact and stand out among competitors. We want people to see the brand and say, "Oh, wow, who are these guys?"

In terms of Strategy, we created the slogan, "El siguiente paso es APLICAR" as a work play in Spanish: aplicar means to apply. The slogan means "The next step is to apply". This goes both ways: APLICAR is their next step, and also apply their knowledge is the next step.

As an educational platform for young people, in our collateral materials, we focused on creating a social media toolkit. For promotion, we created social media templates and three shareable capsules with industry-related, easily searchable, and digestible information to attract potential students.


Team Work

Direction: Belén Ladaga.

Team: Sofía Mastroianni, Franca Greta, Jules Ailín Lopez Torres, Camila Médica, Brad Borja, Iván Pisani.

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