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A reward program for animal lovers.


The Love League is a special program by Richmond SPCA to honor and review their top donors and helpers. Its mission is to rescue, transit, and help animals; and its goal is to make their honors feel cared for and loved.

​We needed to create a unique, adorable, and honorific identity for a special program that gave donors a sense of care and love and the satisfaction of being animal helpers.

Scope Work: Visual Identity for Special Program

Industry: Non-Profit

Year: 2022

Their primary target market is older women, so we used a vintage colour scheme with a youthful twist to recall the animals' cuteness.The logo is intended to give the Love League Program a warm, playful appearance with vintage vibes and a hint of childish playfulness.


An animated logo for Richmond SPCA

Team Work

Direction: Belén Ladaga.

Team: Sofía Mastroianni, Brad Borja.

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