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A friendly rematch between two tennis legends.

Scope Work: Campaign / Digital Applications / Street Billboards

Industry: Entertaiment

Year: 2022

In a friendly rematch in November 2022, one of the best players of this era, Rafael Nadal, hosted a match in Buenos Aires vs. young prodigy Casper Ruud. The event occurred in Arena Parque Roca and was organized by Fenix Entertainment Group. The event's identity must be distinct, uncluttered, and easily replicated across platforms.


The visual identity was used across digital, event signage, and print. It was also requested a unique identity for the VIP experience, which featured a meet&greet, a gala, and a tennis clinic. The VIP experience needed to be classy and sporty simultaneously, borrowing from the overall identity while remaining unique. The campaign included merchandise, on-site signage, street advertising, event signage, social media applications, and more.



Team Work

Direction: Belén Ladaga.

Team: Sofía Mastroianni, Franca Greta, Jules Ailín Lopez Torres, Camila Médica.

Event Organization: Fenix Entertaiment Group

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