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A tea line inspired by moments.

The Memoire is a Charlotte-based tea company started by Valentina Di Marco, who was looking for a new and refreshed look for her new tea line inspired by different moments. The brand required brand-new, distinctive packaging that consumers would want to keep and not discard.

We made the decision to alter the packaging itself in addition to the labels. We chose a metal tin because it is a durable, elegant package that offers a high-end aesthetic and a unique one. To give each blend character and personality and to elevate the brand with one-of-a-kind elements, we decided to hand-write the names of each blend and create hand-drawn illustrations. Each illustration draws inspiration from the blend's ingredients, aiming to evoke a sentimental and cozy atmosphere with its style, color, and handwriting font.

Their latest limited edition, Ode to The Sea, launched in 2023.

Scope Work: Packaging / Illustration

Industry: Food

Year: 2022-23

Mesa de trabajo 5.png

Ode To The Sea Collection

Wedding Collection

Permament Collection

Team Work


Design & Creative Direction: Belén Ladaga.

Illustration: Franca Greta.

Photography Wedding & Permament Collection: Leonora Demirovic

Photography Ode To The Sea: Dolores Film

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