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Connecting a farm identity with its owner's feminine soul.

The goal to this branding project was to create the first elegant, classy, and feminine farm brand. Roxana was looking for a New Approach to farm identity: she wanted to highlight the fact that her farm is woman-led, thus why we went for an elegant approach. Salalamacchia is the farm of Roxana, located in General Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, where she harvests and raises cattle.


The unique aspect of the brand is that it doesn't require traditional collateral such as a website and social media. Their strength lies in their sales efforts, for which they needed a plethora of investor decks and results presentations. We focused on using a minimalist and neutral color palette to achieve elegance, combined with simple and versatile typography, without losing the sophisticated touch. Their logo, the centerpiece of their identity, was animated for use in PowerPoint presentations.


Scope Work: Conent Creation

Industry: Agro

Year: 2022

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