/ A luxurious identity with a Sense of Rusticity, appealing to Young Couples looking for a unique escapade. 


Ruca Rayen is an Airbnb located in the wonders of Patagonia, Argentina. It's a small cottage in the middle of the forest offering a one-of-a-kind experience combining the fun of the forest and the peace of a luxurious hotel. 

They were looking for a luxury yet fresh brand, appealing to young people who want to live the "cottage, wanderlust" experience without sacrificing the comfort and luxury of being in a top-rated hotel. We used local threes from Bariloche as prime inspiration such as Cypress and Alerce.

We used a mix of typography to emphasize luxury without losing the rustic touch: it's high-end and very forest-like. Its color palette was inspired by nature, with darker tones for a more luxurious image. 

Work: Branding

Client: Ruca-Rayen

Business: Hospitality

Year: 2021