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Showcase: The Corn & The Soy

Hello dear readers! Let me introduce you to our new blog section: small project day. Since we can't (sadly) showcase every single project we do in our portfolio because less is more when it comes to showcasing your work, we decided to start a spotlight of projects we enjoyed but were smaller.

Like this one! Made for the FAUBA (Facultad de Agronomía) distance education program —Administración Rural—. we were prompted to make a series of animations to give spark and movement to its current presentations.

We paired with illustrator Agustina Preti (go check her out, her work is amazing!) for this work, who created two characters to guide the student through the presentations: happy corn and nerdy soy. We worked with these characters, situating them in multiple poses that would recall the overall tone of the presentation. After the characters were done, we animated them as well as we created titles of every presentation.

"I want a nice guy, I want that character you want to keep in your pocket"

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