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Connection tourist with the a real Maui experience.

 Namaka Lens embodies the photographic journey led by Marina. From her early days, her dedication transcends not only serving clients but nurturing the environment and the essence of Maui itself. After several years as a photographer for tourist families on Maui, she embarked on a transformative shift, redirecting her career towards marine and underwater photography for tourists. Collaborating with non-profits on videography and photography, Marina gave birth to Namaka Lens. Beyond photography services, Namaka Lens offers an immersive voyage deeply rooted in the core values of the island of Maui.


For the brand, our focus was on crafting a logo that exudes a sense of "handcrafted" uniqueness, embodying the essence of the brand's journey and connection it offers. To achieve this, we designed an emblem that mirrors both the sea and the lens's aperture, alongside a hand-drawn logotype reflecting the human touch of Namaka. For the broader brand identity, we harmoniously blended sunset and oceanic hues, cultivating a warm and approachable brand presence while also encapsulating sophistication to elevate the photographic experience.

Scope Work: Branding / Website

Industry: Photography - Travel

Year: 2023

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