/ Lupe is a dog grooming provider for young adults with  High Standards, classy vibes, and who meticulously care about their pets.


Work: Branding & Packaging

Client: Laboratorio Fundacion

Business: Pharmaceutical

Year: 2021

Lupe is a fictional branding project for a high-end dog grooming service. The inspiration came from classic art, where dogs were drawn refined, and a bit messy. The color palette comes directly from the classic paintings, especially from the Barbizon School, making it refined and avoiding bright and funky colors.


The type was chosen from a serif family, a bit decorative yet easy to read, used mainly on the titles and the logo. For the rest of the text, a clean-cut sans serif was the choice to avoid noise in the design and keep the focal point on the logo. The imagery used for the brand is strictly art-related, with painted dogs and classy illustrations.