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The best choice for your pet.

Scope Work: Branding / Illustration / Website / Brand Strategy

Industry: Animal Health

Year: 2023

KIBA is a new and fresh approach to dog food in Argentina. Up to today, handmade food for dogs has been in the hands of local farmers and cooks, but never actually escalated. Kiba got together to offer the possibility to buy subscriptions to get delicious food delivered to your door each month. The recipes were developed by veterinarians, and are made with raw meat, fresh ingredients, and fully cooked.


GOAL: Develop an identity that is cute, but cool. The main target audience for Kiba is women in their middle thirds, with good and stable incomes, and classy yet fun. The identity needed to reflect the dog’s owners, as well as the handmade aspect of it.



We went for a pastel color palette to emphasize the caregiving aspect of the brand: sweet and warm, as the love people have for their pets. We shied away from too bright colours to avoid looking funky. We decided to go hand drawing for the illustrations and patterns: simple, linear, and monochromatic dog illustrations made by hand as a wink to the handmade aspect of Kiba’s food. The font was the element chosen to give the identity a cooler touch. Using the Gopher font family, playing with its regular and bold weight, we chose to go for a legible font with a modern touch.

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