CETAP is an udder's care product that wanted to  Break The Rules and appeal to the new generation of veterinarians and stand out from the crowd. When CETAP was developed, with high-quality drugs and a very meticulous production process, they decided to break the industry's rules.

Thought for the young generation of veterinarians, one that cares for the environment (CETAP is environmentally friendly) and the animals, presented as a cosmetic product for cows, CETAP is not only a product that stands out for its quality, but also for its branding.

The branding and the packaging needed to reflect their audience and the fact that ain't no regular product: it's one that stands out, that breaks barriers, that is here to stay and care. The idea of CETAP is simple: it's here to stand out.

For the packaging, we used as the main reference the milking cow's pattern, especially drawn from an Holando Argentina. The identity gains youth and vitality through a very bright orange. 

Work: Branding / Website / Packaging / Promotional Material.

Client: Laboratorio Fundación

Business: Animal Care

Year: 2022