/ A campaign that reflects the organization's Spirit throughout the year.

The Bay Area Foundation uses a theme for each year to Guide its Campaigns and actions, trying to gain more audiences and increase its reach. Kirsten found herself stuck thinking and planning the organization's yearly theme. This year being "generosity", she was lost about how to execute the design and create a visual world for the theme.
Using the natural generosity of kids and the giving spirit of nature, we created a visual identity based on a key element: the sun, as the natural element that brings joy and light without expectation of return. The color green is one of the BAF brand colors, to keep a reference to the foundation, and the light yellow brings light and warmth to the identity. The fonts were meant to be young yet serious, readable, and human.

Work: Campaing Visual Identiy

Client: The Bay Area Community Foundatio

Business: Non-Profit

Year: 2021