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Image by abi ismail


Work: Branding & Pitch Deck

Client: Lemon Tree

Business: Film / Creative

Year: 2021




/ Emily is the head and founder of Lemon Tree productions, a small video production company that creates Moving Documentaries that connect people with unknown worlds and new perspectives. 

For her branding, I chose to go for an emotional direction, emphasizing the brand values for realness, honesty, emotion, and empathy. Her documentaries usually show reality in a trustworthy, emotional way and she tries to heal historical wounds and raise people's hope through documentaries.
The creative concept for the brand identity was empathy, inspired by the power of emotional stories. The color palette uses green as the base color for being the color of calmness and renewal, it provides a sense of growth that comes from the realness of the documentaries. Adding a touch of light yellow helps to make them look more alive without being too funky. 
The logo was custom-made with clean, rounded lines and a custom "E" reminding the shape of a lemon. The brand imagery is made by withe and black pictures with a soft green overlay, ethereal and dreamy pictures that have a more symbolic meaning than a literal one, as a metaphor for that the documentaries in Lemon Tree are.



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