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Scope Work: Conent Creation

Industry: Agro

Year: 2022

Increasing Subscribers for a Data Report Newsletter.


APLICAR had been publishing its Data Report for three years, including commodity prices, weather, and crop information. However, in the last year, they had not seen an increase in their subscribers and felt that the information was not being utilized effectively. They turned to Casa Bele to revamp their newsletter and breathe new life into it. Their method of gaining subscribers was through word of mouth, email forwarding, and a subscription box on their website.



To solve the problem, first, we analyzed who their audience was and where they were located. Once we completed an audience analysis, we decided to design a dedicated landing page solely for data collection to gain subscribers and implemented a strategy of consistent reminders on social media about the report. Occasionally, we published teasers on social media to attract more subscribers.

In this way, Aplicar managed to increase its followers by 94% and reduce the monthly unsubscribe rate almost to 0%.


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