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Work Hard, Play Hard.

So, this is where we're supposed to get all serious and chat about how amazing we are at what we do. But honestly, who wants to read another one of those typical design studio spiels? That's not who we are.

We're the cool cats, the ones who dared to chase those dreams and actually catch them. We're that comforting morning coffee scent and the ultimate chocolate cake you've been daydreaming about non-stop. Yeah, that's more like us!


Bele is the founder & Creative Director of Casa Bele. A brand specialist, art director, and creative consultant with more than eight years of experience in the business, a bright positive attitude and deep faith in a better future.

The Casa Team

Bele studied communication science with a focus on advertising and did a Masters in Art Direction in Communication.

She worked in many fields, from start-ups to worldwide advertising agencies; worked as Brand Manager for a pharma lab, as Head of Art in the worldwide agency Wunderman-Thompson for Phillip Morris International; and spent her freelance career helping entrepreneurs find clarity in their careers.

After working for an uninspiring client, she decided to take the leap and go back to her roots. The daughter of an agronomist and a vet, raised between the city and the forest, she took the family heritage and decided to only work with brands that were in the aim to create connections, to make human lives more meaningful.

In her free time, find her listening to One Direction (yes, still), skiing on the top of the mountain, and making a list of the top ten coffee shops to visit in her city.


Facu Valdez

Executive Director

Doer of every sport you can image


Lula Trotta

Project Manager

Protect her at all cost.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-18 at 20.45.33.jpeg

Vale Velluso

Motion & Edition

She's probably giving someone great advice on how to love themselves

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-17 at 13.16.34.jpeg

Jules Lopez

Photo + Content Creator

Has the greatest movie rec list of all times



Franca Greta / Jr. Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Juli Ailín / Photographer

Charlotte Niza / Sr. Graphic Designer

Jesús Romero / Graphic Designer

Gonzalo Martinez / Developer

Wanda Romero / Paid Media

JC Marianni / Social Media + Copywriting

Features & Talks.

(2016) “Visual Identity: Who's your brand?” -
– UP (Universidad de Palermo).


(2018) Conference: “La Importancia de laIdentidad Visual en los Proyectos Musicales” – ENCUENTRO LATINOAMERICANO DE DISEÑO  (Universidad de Palermo).

(2019) Speaker in panel “Contá Tu Tesina en 10’” — Facultad de Ciencias Sociales UBA.

(2020) Tutor of Students in subjects: Semiotics II, Social and General History - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, UBA.

(2022) Course: "La Dirección de Arte en Comuunicación" - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, UBA

Casa Bele Branding & Design studio for small businesses
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